Landing Page Target Groups

As an Informz user, there’s a solid chance that you know a thing or two about target groups. And, because target groups are critical to any marketing effort, Informz’s Landing Pages automatically create target groups based on different criteria. Let’s take a look at the target groups that Informz generates.

Landing Page Target Groups

There are three automatic target groups related to Landing Pages. Informz assigns visitors to a target group based on different activity criteria (indicated in the target group name).

  • Landing Page: Visited
  • Landing Page: Submitted Form
  • Landing Page: Visited but Did Not Submit Form

You can specify the target group folder in the Save dialogue. The default folder is Landing Pages.

If you delete, deactivate, or archive a Landing Page, the associated target groups remain active.

Naming Conventions

Note that the text “Landing Page” is replaced by your landing page’s name. For example, if your landing pages is named “Subscription Page,” you will have a target groups named “Subscription Page: Visited,” “Subscription Page: Submitted Form” and so forth.

You cannot change the target group name manually. Rather, if you change the Landing Page name, the target group name updates automatically.

Visitors, You are Cleared for Landing!

The three target groups generated from Landing Pages work just like other target groups in Informz. And, as above, they remain active regardless of their corresponding landing page’s state. Take advantage of the sophisticated outreach possibilities that come with these groups – you’ll be glad you did!