Landing Page Reporting

Like many parts of Informz, landing pages come with a reporting feature. You can access both high-level views (such as page views and submits) as well as extremely granular views that take advantage of Informz's robust reporting suite.

High-Level Reporting

There are two key high-level views that you can access right from the Landing Pages list: Views in last 30 days and Submits in last 30 days.

Navigate to Marketing Automation > Landing Pages.

The two reports display as columns at a high level.

Views in last 30 days will show you how many views the landing page received over a 30-day period. A view is only counted for an active landing page; pages in test mode are not counted. If subscribers make an HTTP request to view an active page, it will register as a single page view.

Submits in last 30 days will show you how many submits a land page received over a 30-day period. A submit will be counted in both test and active mode, and this is by design - it will help show you that your page data is being submitted properly!

Additional Reporting Columns

If you choose to export your high-level report to a spreadsheet by clicking Export, you can include the above two columns as well as these additional columns:

  • Name: The name of the landing page as given by the Informz User.
  • Type: The type of landing page, which could be Form, Content, or Unsubscribe.
  • URL: String of text representing where the resource can be found on the internet.
  • Description: Description provided in the landing page properties by the user.
  • Folder: The folder that thes landing page resides in.
  • Modified By: The last user who modified this landing page from inside Informz.
  • Modify Date: The last time this landing page was modified by an Informz User.

Reports from a Single Landing Page

You can get reports for a single landing page for any page that is either Active or Archived. Note that this only applies to subscriber/profile forms.

Navigate to Marketing Automation > Landing Pages. Click on the Active or Archive tab.

Select Report from the hover menu to the left of the desired landing page.

You will see all the submit activity the form has received.

If there is data for multiple days, there will be a chart depicting activity for the duration of the landing page's activation. This information can be tailored to include any subscriber data you would like (Personal Info, Demographic Data, and Interests). As with high-level reporting, you can export your report as a spreadsheet by clicking Export.

Multi-Dimensional Reporting

While you may not be able to travel through time-space continuum (that dimension has yet to be truly understood!), reports from your landing pages offer another dimension of information that will give you fantastic insights into your audience and how they are interacting with your content.