Landing Page Overview

Landing Pages provide a way to create custom input forms, unsubscribe forms, and content landing pages in Informz. Through Informz’s design-friendly editor, users can customize the look and style of these pages with ease.

Landing Pages are available to all clients, and they include the following key features:

  • Form Pages: A page that can collect and update new or existing subscriber data.
  • Content Only Pages: A static page that contains text, images, and link content.
  • Unsubscribe Forms: A page that allows users to unsubscribe from mailings.

How to Create a Landing Page

Navigate to Marketing Automation > Landing Pages.

Click Create.

The Landing Page Template Gallery opens. Select either the basic template (first option) or one of the pre-designed options available. Selections are part of three different categories (located in different tabs):

  • Form: Adds new subscribers or updates existing subscriber profile information.
  • Content Only: Does not allow for input forms – only allows for static content (this is essentially a “content manager” page where users can design a Landing Page to feature content and/or link to other websites).
  • Unsubscribe Form: Manages unsubscribes only. Includes an area for the unsubscribe email and can include a reason list.
  • Custom: Select a user-created Landing Page template.

Use the left and right arrows to navigate among the different templates. Click a template to create an unsaved Landing Page from that template.

Click Save. You will be prompted to enter the following information:

  • Name: The landing page name for the Informz account.
  • Filename: A valid HTML page name (invalid characters will be replaced with underscores).
  • Landing Page Folder
  • Target Group Folder (for automatically-generated target groups!)
  • Description

Note that you will only receive the Save Landing Page pop-up the first time you click Save. To access this pop-up in the future, click the Settings icon.

Click Save to finish.

Ahoy! Land Ho!

You probably won't need to be high up in a crow's nest to see how Landing Pages will provide a great way for you to engage your subscribers. You should dive into the easy-to-use Landing Page Designer to really get a feel for the flexible design options that you have at your fingertips!