Landing Page Follow-Up Mailings

Among the many cool features you’ll find with Informz’s Landing Pages is the ability to send a follow-up mailing after a subscriber completes one of your forms. There are three different ways to create a follow-up mailing. You can:

  • Copy a regular mailing from those you’ve created
  • Copy another landing page’s mailing
  • Create a new mailing specifically for this landing page

Each of these options, while working from a different source, has the same net result: you’ll send a mailing to your subscribers when they submit a form on your landing page! Let’s look at these different follow-up mailing options.


Before you create a follow-up mailing for your landing page, you’ll first need to create a new landing page or open an existing one. Once you’re ready, navigate to the Process tab.

Navigate to the Follow-up Mailing heading. Click the dropdown list and select from the three mailing sources:

  • Copy Regular Mailing
  • Copy Landing Page Mailing
  • Create New Mailing

Copy Regular Mailing

When you select Copy Regular Mailing, you’ll select from the mailings you’ve previously created.

Click the Folder dropdown list to select the mailing’s home folder.

Click the Mailing dropdown list to select the name of the mailing you wish to use.

Click Copy to save and navigate to the Mailing Designer where you can make any modifications. Note that all unsaved progress will save automatically (you won’t need to worry about your landing page design!).

Copy Landing Page Mailing

When you select Copy Landing Page Mailing, you’ll select from the mailings you’ve used for your other landing pages.

Click the dropdown list to select a landing page mailing to copy.

Click Copy to save navigate to the Mailing Designer where you can make any modifications. As above, all unsaved progress will save automatically.

Create New Mailing

As the name suggests, when you select the Create New Mailing option, you’ll begin with a new mailing in the Mailing Designer.

Click Create Mailing to open the mailing designer.

What’s Next?

After you’ve created a follow-up mailing, you’ll receive a confirmation on the Process tab indicating that your mailing is ready to go!

If you need to make changes, click Edit Mailing to open the Mailing Designer. Likewise, if wish to use a completely different mailing, or if you simply wish to remove the follow-up mailing, click Remove Mailing.

Leverage Your Mailings and Involve Your Subscribers

Using a follow-up mailing is easy to do because it leverages Informz’s Mailing Designer, providing you the opportunity to use some of your already-produced mailings (recycling is a wonderful thing!). Or, if you’re looking for something slightly different, you can create a new mailing to provide a special accompaniment to your landing page. And, after all that, think about this: whether it’s a message welcoming your subscribers to your organization, registering for an event, or simply a gracious acknowledgement for opting in, a follow-up mailing is a fantastic way to keep your subscribers engaged. It lets them know that their involvement helps drive your organization, so go ahead and create a follow-up mailing to let them know!