Landing Page Designer (Grouping Items)

As many of us know, moving can be a hassle! However, with some ingenuity we can make it easier. For example, sometimes it is easier to move multiple things simultaneously than one-by-one. In fact, because moving things together is so useful, Informz's landing pages allow you move multiple items as one, cohesive unit. How's that for convenience?


When working with different landing page fields, you can select multiple items with your mouse by pressing Ctrl and clicking on the different elements. Alternatively, you can simply drag your cursor over a region in the designer.

Grouped items receive a red highlight around their borders.

To move items, simply use any of the green handles for one of the elements.

Overdid It?

If you've selected too many items, use a subsequent Ctrl + Click to deselect the unwanted item.

Super Groups!

Because grouping elements together can create one super group (sorry - not the Rock and Roll kind) of elements, you can easily drag a group through any existing fields that exist in the super group's trajectory. Simply grab and go (you don't need to worry about displacing anything already on the page!).