Landing Page Designer (Dragging and Sizing)

The Landing Page Designer is a true drag-and-drop editor where you can freely move form elements as you need to. Let's take a look at the different options available for the different elements.


Hover over an element to reveal the Green Directional Arrows icon. Click the icon and drag the element to the desired location.

Additionally, hovering will reveal the Red X icon. Click this icon to the delete the element.

To resize the width and height of any layout elements, click and drag the resizing handles.

Note that some elements will have a Blue Gear icon. This will open a properties pop-up where you can further edit that element.

Collision Detection

When you use the Green Directional Arrows to move items, Informz applies a rule known as collision detection. This means that when elements are moved around the Landing Page layout area, they detect other elements. For example, when you click and drag an element over another element, the dragged element returns to the exact previous position to prevent overlapping. Similarly, when you click and drag groups of elements, they all return to their previous positions to prevent overlapping.


The Red X, Green Directional Arrows, and Blue Gear icons will always serve the same function regardless of the element. This makes it easy to remember how to interact with the drag-and-drop features!