Known and Anonymous Users

While web tracking can be an invaluable tool, it is important to understand the different users that will interact with your website. Informz can only link website users with subscriber records in specific cases. Read on to learn more about how users are tracked.

Known vs. Anonymous

All of your web users are tracked via web tracking. Some will be anonymous and some will be known. A known user is someone who connects to a subscriber record in Informz. Because you will be able to tie website activity in with data from the AMS/CRM, mailing activity, action-based target groups, and Higher Logic community activity, you can target your emails with much greater precision. Furthermore, you will garner deep insights about your subscribers’ level of engagement.

Subscribers who receive one of your Informz mailings and subsequently click a hyperlink to access your site will become known users. Whenever known users return to your website, their activity is recorded in Informz.

Note that the web tracking code places a first-party cookie on users’ web browsers to make the subscriber record connection. A first-party cookie originates from your website (not from Informz or another third-party), making it less likely to be blocked. However, if users clear their cookies or use different browsers/devices, they will appear like new website users until they click on another Informz email.

Once anonymous users become known users, all of their historical data will be assigned to their subscriber records in Informz.

Just the Facts

Remember, web tracking is designed to gather data about your subscriber base's interactions on your website. While the data can be quite granular, data from web tracking will be useful whether you are working on specific engagement activities or simply want to better target your subscribers.