Items - Text Boxes

As their name suggests, Text Boxes are Landing Page items that contain text! As with most text boxes (across many, many different programs), you can edit the text inline and set different font characteristics or create links. Because there are several different options available for text boxes, let's read on to see what you can do!


Click Text in the Items flyout menu. A new text box appears at the bottom of your landing page.

You can modify the text, place it anywhere on the landing page, and resize the text box itself. The text remains within the dotted border.

When you highlight text in a text box, you'll see several inline style options. These are (in order):

  • Make text bold.
  • Make text italic.
  • Underline text.
  • Add a hyperlink.
  • Set text as an H1 heading.
  • Set text as an H2 heading.
  • Set lines of text as bullets.

There is a Text Alignment dropdown list to the Text Properties pop-up (accessed with the blue Gear icon on any text item) with the following options:

  • Left (Default)
  • Center
  • Right

Don't Forget the Style Flyout Menu!

Be aware that as you design your form, the bold styling from the Style flyout menu always takes precedence over any inline styles. Therefore, you cannot un-bold via the inline style options! Additionally, note that setting the H1 and H2 styles applies the styles established in the Style flyout menu.