Items - Unsubscribe Reasons

Though we never want to see our subscribers leave, an unsubscribe form allows for a graceful exit. One item key to an unsubscribe form is an Unsubscribe Reason. By creating a set of options on your form, you can get a better understanding of why your subscribers are leaving.


Click Unsubscribe Option in the Items flyout menu. A new unsubscribe option appears on your landing page. Repeat this step to create additional options.

Unsubscribe options are created as radio buttons. You may freely edit the size and text of these items.

Further Explanation

If you would like to allow your subscribers the chance to explain their reasons for unsubscribing, you can add an Unsubscribe Text Area to your form. This text area allows subscribers to freely enter a reason for leaving.

Click Unsubscribe Text Area to add one to your form.

Once you've entered your unsubscribe items, you can stylize the rest of your form. Don't forget to test the Web and Mobile versions for consistency, look, and feel!

We’ll Meet Again!

An unsubscribe form is another way to understand your audience. When people unsubscribe, giving them a chance to explain can be an immense help.