Items - Unsubscribe Checkbox

You can add a checkbox to allow Landing Page viewers to unsubscribe from all mailings.  Let's look at how to add this checkbox.


On a subscription landing page, click Unsubscribe Checkbox.

This adds a checkbox to the form.

When checked, all other form fields are disabled. Note that the email field always defaults to the original email address when unsubscribing.

When a subscriber clicks Submit and the unsubscribe checkbox is checked, the subscriber receives a message indicating that they have been unsubscribed. Unsubscribing does not remove a subscriber’s profile information from Informz.

If an unknown subscriber (no email address) navigates to the Landing Page, the unsubscribe checkbox becomes hidden.

Sorry to See You Go!

Remember, it is important to include an unsubscribe option for your subscribers (in fact, it's the law!). By adding an unsubscribe checkbox, you give your subscribers the ability to easily to opt out of your mailings.