Items - Captchas

Captcha’s are a familiar sight on many websites that collect information. Captcha is a technique that is used on the web to ensure that a human is filling out your form rather than a computer program or script that is visiting your form. You can add a captcha item with the click of a button. Let’s see how.

Note that Informz is using Google's reCaptcha for our captcha items.


Click Captcha in the Items flyout menu. A new captcha item appears on your landing page.

Any users who subscribe to your landing page form need to click the I'm Not a Robot verification checkbox before they submit.

You’ll have two options when styling reCaptchas:

  • Style (Normal or Compact) – note that this changes the height and width of the display.
  • Theme (Light or Dark)

If you use reCaptcha in your form, the form cannot be submitted without reCaptcha verification (i.e. the checkbox is checked).

You cannot add a reCaptcha to a form with an unsubscribe checkbox (likewise, you cannot add an unsubscribe checkbox to a form with a reCaptcha). This helps you keep the form unsubscribe options in compliance with subscription best practices.

Three Laws of Robotics

While acclaimed author Isaac Asimov may have initially foreseen many different beneficial robots, web robots (aka "bots") are an all-to-frequent threat in the Information Age. Captchas provide an extra bit of security to your forms by requiring human interaction. This helps protect you from fraudulent requests and falsified email addresses that could ultimately affect your deliverability and mailing reputation!