Items - Accent Boxes

You may want to add an Accent Box item to your landing page. This item is strictly for design purposes and can be used to visually separate different sections of your landing page or other items that you wish to highlight.


Click Accent Box in the Items flyout menu. A new accent box appears on your landing page.

Accent boxes appear at the top of the landing page, and they are placed behind other page items. In fact, they are the only items that are able to overlap others. They can be moved, resized, or deleted.

Additionally, click the Blue Gear icon to access the Accent Box Properties pop-up. Here, you can modify the following properties:

  • Border Radius
  • Border (size, color, and line type)
  • Color
  • Mobile Version

Clicking a color in the Accent Box Properties pop-up opens a color selector where you can either select from the palette or enter a 6-character HEX code.

Like a Highlighter, but Better!

Accent boxes are a great way to create contrast on your page. Think of these them like visual highlighters. They can be used to call out important sections or to group similar content and common fields.