IPM for Landing Pages

Many aspects of Informz cooperate with one another to create amazing results. Two of these aspects, Integrated Preference Management (IPM) and Landing Pages, can work side-by-side to exponentially bolster your subscription management options. Let’s take a look at how to include IPM interests on your Landing Pages. Just remember that you need to have IPM enabled for your integration! Currently, the following integrations allow for IPM:

  • iMIS
  • MemberSuite
  • netFORUM Enterprise 2014 or Later
  • Personify360

One Thing Before You Start

Always make sure you know which interests you want to include on your landing page ahead of time. This is especially pertinent for IPM interests – non-integrated users who view your landing page cannot see your IPM interests. Therefore, if you only include IPM interests, your options appear blank to non-integrated users.

To check your IPM interests, navigate to Subscribers > Profile Fields. Select the corresponding folder for your IPM interests to view any that are available.


Navigate to Marketing Automation > Landing Pages and do one of the following:

  • Click Create to create a new landing page.
  • Hover over the Menu icon and select Edit to modify an existing landing page.

On the Design tab, open the Items flyout menu and click Interests.

The Interests combination list opens where you can select multiple interests to add to your landing page. Click each desired interest to add it to the group. This can be a combination of Informz interests and IPM interests (aka "Remote Interests").

Click Add to Page to add your interest group to the landing page.

Your selected interests now appear on the landing page.

Activating Auto-Fill

For your IPM landing page to work properly, you’ll need to activate the Auto-Fill option. This ensures that any integrated user’s information automatically populates the form (including the checkboxes).

To activate this option, navigate to the Process tab.

Under the Auto-Fill heading, check the Enable Auto-Fill checkbox.

Basic Testing

Click Save to save your landing page. Next, click the Activate tab to view your test options. You can test both the desktop and mobile versions of the landing page.

Note that when you test your landing page, you’ll always view it as an integrated user. This means that all interests (integrated and non-integrated) are visible.

Furthermore, note that any information you enter and save is also saved in Informz (mimicking the “live” landing page). Only submit email addresses and profile data that are appropriate for testing.

Additional Information

Both integrated and non-integrated interests can coexist on the same landing page. However, integrated interests only display for integrated users. Therefore, as above, if non-integrated users view a landing page that has only integrated interests, they’ll have no options to select!

How is My Integration Updated?

There are two ways your integration is updated with the information gathered on a landing page. If you use the Informz for iMIS integration, you’ll receive data from the landing page immediately after users submit their forms. It is then available in the iMIS UI or via a SQL view.

If you are using MemberSuite, netFORUM Enterprise 2014 or Later, or Personify360, you’ll see data via a writeback from Informz. This writeback identifies if users have chosen to opt in or out of specific interests and updates this information in your integration.

To view writeback information for your integration, navigate to Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration and click Writeback List. Here, you can view the Writeback Message Queue.

Once a writeback is changed to the Sent status, the information becomes available in the integration.

Two Heads Can be Better than One!

When you marry the flexibility of Informz’s landing pages with the power of your integration’s remote interests and IPM, you have a perfect combination. This meeting of computerized “minds” can be exactly what you need get the greatest return possible!