Interest Target Groups

Interest target groups let you manage your subscribers according to their interest preferences. An interest target group is automatically created when you create an interest on the Profile Fields page or during the upload process.

Interest target groups can also be created manually on the Target Group page. Interest target groups should be built to manage subscribers into lists that represent a certain area of interest for your audience or into lists that represent a certain type of mailing that the subscribers in the group should receive. These lists can act as distribution lists for mailings or they can be built in as opt-in/opt-out groups that allow you to manage which types of mailings the subscribers receive.

Two common ways to build interest target groups are to manually build the target group with the Create button and to assign an interest target group during subscriber upload. Let’s look at both methods.

Steps (Create Button)

Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Click Create.

The Create Target Group pop-up opens. Click the dropdown list and select Interests.

Click Create.

In the Add Interest pop-up, enter a Name for your interest.

Click the Target Group Folder dropdown list and select a folder where the target group can reside.

Optionally, enter a Description for the interest.

Click Save to finish.

The new target group displays in the selected folder.

Steps (Subscriber Upload)

Navigate to Subscribers > Upload > Upload Subscribers.

Continue through the upload steps to Step 3 of 3 (Select Interests).

Highlight an interest from the Available Interests menu and click Select to move it into the Selected Interests menu.

Similarly, highlight an interest from the Selected Interests menu and click Remove to remove it.

To create a new interest, scroll to the bottom of the menu.

Enter a name for the new interest and click the dropdown list to select a folder where it can reside.

Click Add to add the interest.

A confirmation pop-up opens. Click OK to confirm. The new interest appears in the Selected Interests menu (the target group is created automatically).

Very Interesting!

Now that you’ve learned the science behind interest target groups, you'll see how easy it is to manage your subscribers by interest. If you are curious about other types of target groups, check out the related articles.