Insert an Opt-Out Link into a Template

Managing your subscriber's preferences is a key thing for an emarketing team. One way to do that is by using Informz interests and a Data Input Form so that your subscribers can check, or uncheck, what types of communications they'd like to receive. The opt-out link is a great way to check/uncheck one specific interest associated with a mailing.

Once your data input form has been established you need to add the opt-out link directly to your template. Read on to learn how!

Please note that before you can use an Opt-Out Link in a template, you'll need to have the corresponding feature turned on in your account. Please reach out to your Advisor to do this - he or she is happy to help!


Navigate to Mailings >Templates > View

Hover over the icon to the left of the mailing that you want to add the opt-out link to

Select HTML

Insert the opt-out language you want to use in the template

Highlight wording and select the hyperlink button in the editor

For Hyperlink Type select Opt-Out Link from the drop down menu

For Opt-Out Form select the data input form you would like to use from the drop down menu

Select Insert Hyperlink

Recreate Text Version

For every template in Informz there is an HTML version and a text version. Any changes that get made to one need to get made to the other. One way of doing that is to use the HTML version to update the text version.

Navigate back to Mailings >Templates > View

Hover over the icon to the left of the template that you just edited the HTML for. This time select Text from the menu.

Select Recreate Text Template button

This brings all of the HTML elements into the text version. This means that your newly-created opt-out link is there too!

If you only want to create the opt-out link in the text template, you can do that manually if you wish.

That's All!

Opt-Out links may seem a bit complicated at first, but after breaking them down they are a huge help and you'll be glad you took the time to learn them!