Insert a vCal as a hyperlink

After you have created a vCalendar item (aka "vCal"), the next step is to insert it as a hyperlink in a mailing. Follow these next few steps to learn how!


Highlight the text to use as the anchor text (the text that will include the hyperlink).

Click the Chain Link icon (Insert/Edit Hyperlink).

Click the Hyperlink Type dropdown list and select vCalendar.

Select a previously created vCalendar.

Name the link - this will be used in reporting.

Click Insert Hyperlink.

The vCalendar will appear as a clickable link for your subscribers. When subscribers click the link, a new window opens.

They  will be able to save it as a calendar item in their Outlook (or other mail client) calendar.

Piece of Cake!

Inserting a vCal is simple - just as easy as creating one! with a link in place, you can relay scrumptious scheduling tidbit into your subscribers' calendars.