Insert a Story Layout

A story layout is a small structure that allows a fast and predictable way to format your stories. Using a story layout in a mailing's story provides a formatting structure for that mailing - all you need to do is change the text. Inserting a story layout in your mailing is very simple, and you will be glad you learned how! Let's begin!


Click Create Story.

Click the Story Layouts icon in the toolbar.

Click the Story Layout dropdown list to select from the different story layouts.

Select your preferred story layout for the content you want to include.

Click Insert.

If the story layout includes "filler" content, you can replace it with your story content. Do this by typing in new text or by pasting in copied text. To paste in copied text click the Paste as Text button and then enter CTRL+V on your keyboard to paste the copied text.

Work Smart, Not Hard

Story layouts give you the ability to format a story the same way every time. If you find that you frequently use the same formatting in your stories, creating a story layout will save you lots of time! Check out the related articles section to learn how to build a story layout from scratch.