Insert a Survey Link in a Mailing

Placing a survey link in a mailing is super easy and way to get feedback from your subscribers.

Placing the survey link directly into a mailing enables very useful tracking. For example, who completed the survey! As an added benefit, Informz’s action-based target group feature allows targeting based on specific answers given to specific questions.


Navigate to Mailings > View and select a mailing to edit or create a new mailing.

Select (highlight) some text or an image to hyperlink.

Select the Insert Hyperlink toolbar button.

Click the Hyperlink Type dropdown and select Survista Pro Survey.

Click the Survey dropdown and select the survey to link to.

Enter a name for this hyperlink. This will appear on the mailing activity report.

If necessary, check the Protected option to require a password to use this hyperlink.

Click Insert Hyperlink.

Reports Note: The survey link must be inserted into the email using the Insert Hyperlink tool to capture subscriber results and action-based target group options.

Tracking Email Addresses

Once you've inserted your survey into a mailing, you may be wondering how Informz tracks the unique email addresses associated with that mailing. By entering the survey using Insert Hyperlink, you'll guarantee that Informz attaches a unique survey ID for that subscriber, allowing each subscriber to be tracked based on the ID. The URL generated with the unique ID will look something like this:

<a href=";u=%%UID%%" class="Survey Link">marketing

Make sure that you see the code %%UID%% in the URL. This is where the subscriber and the survey tie together.

Please note that the IDs generated are unique to the subscriber receiving the email. If that subscriber forwards the email (and someone else takes the survey), the original subscriber's answers are overwritten!

One Thing to Remember!

Always use the steps above to insert a survey. Do not copy a survey link and directly place it in a mailing. This prevents Informz from using any personalized data in the survey!

Time to Link it All Together

You now know how to deliver a survey to your subscribers where you have precision tracking of the response back to the subscriber. This makes it great to follow-up and improve what you provide to your people.