Insert an Emoji in a Subject Line

Did you know that you can include emojis in your Informz subject line? Emojis (sometimes known as “emoticons”) are tremendously popular and a simple way to visually express different feelings with a small, yet eye-catching, representation.

The easiest way to insert an emoji is to find an emoji site to copy the emoji(s) you wish to use. Let's look at how.


In your web browser, open an emoji site (one that works well with Informz is emojipedia).

Search for an emoji and copy it (either through a button on the website or by highlighting the emoji and pressing Ctrl + C or Cmd + C on your keyboard).

Next, navigate to Informz and open your desired mailing.

In the Set-Up tab, click the Subject field to edit the subject.

Click your cursor at the desired location and paste the emoji into the subject line (press Ctrl + V or Cmd + V on your keyboard).

Always Test!

Never forget that each email client and device renders code a bit differently, so always test your results. The Virtual Inbox and Send tests are great places to start. These ultimately show you how the emoji renders in different clients (such as your own email client!).


A well-placed emoji can really make your mailing stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes. Just remember that emojis are everywhere, so you don’t want to overuse them!