Insert a Story-to-Story Bookmark

Inserting story-to-story bookmarks into your mailings is a great way to interlink content, especially when you have related content in different story locations. A bookmark is a electronic "placeholder" to quickly access a specific point in your mailing. If you create a bookmark at the top of your mailing, you can hyperlink to that bookmark anywhere else in your mailing to easily bring the reader back to the top of the mailing.

Similarly, if you create a bookmark in one story, and reference that story in another part of your mailing, you can hyperlink directly to the original story using the bookmark.

There are two steps in this process:

  1. Creating a Bookmark
  2. Hyperlinking to Your Bookmark

With these steps in mind, let's take a look at how to insert story-to-story bookmarks.


Creating a Bookmark

Begin in the Mailing Designer > Design tab. Open the content you wish to hyperlink to in your mailing.

Click your mouse cursor in front of the text where you want the bookmark to be. The story title is often used as that location.

Click the Bookmark icon.

The Bookmark window opens. Enter a name for your bookmark.

Click OK. A bookmark anchor now precedes the story title. This indicates the you've successfully created a bookmark that you can hyperlink to.

Hyperlinking To Your Bookmark

Once you've created a bookmark, you're ready to hyperlink to it. Open the content where you wish to add the hyperlink, and highlight the text to contain the hyperlink.

Click the Insert Hyperlink icon.

The Insert Hyperlink window opens. Click the Hyperlink Type dropdown list and select Bookmark. This expands the window to include the Bookmark dropdown list. Click this dropdown list and select the desired bookmark.

Click Insert Hyperlink to insert the hyperlink into your content.

A Network of Stories

By creating bookmarks within a mailing, you are essentially providing your subscribers access to a "network of stories" where all relevant information is conveniently linked together. This has great potential for engaging your readership (not to mention for your click rates), so try out some bookmarks within your mailings and see what results may follow!