Insert a Horizontal Line (HR TAG) into a Cell

Inserting a horizontal line in between stories is a great way to keep your mailing organized. Informz has a feature that creates a horizontal line, so read more to find out about this easy-to-use functionality!


Create a story.

Insert a table with a single cell.

Click the Horizontal Line icon to insert

Click Save

Back in the view of all of your stories, you can position this story with the single horizontal rule as a divider between other stories.

Place cursor over the story, hover over the icon to the left and click to drag it in between other stories.

Drag and drop it in between any of the other stories.

The result effect is a dividing line between stories.

Organization is Key

In email marketing, it is important to organize your stories so that it is easy for your readers to understand. Take advantage of the horizontal line feature to let your reader know the stories are separate.