Insert a Bookmark in Your Mailing

Ever since the dawn of the Information Age, everyone seems to want to move around quickly. Whether its hopping on the highway to get from city to city or simply navigating from one web page to another, we all seem to like to get to our destination as fast as possible!

Using Bookmarks in your mailing are a great way to help your subscribers move about your content quickly.  Let's look at how to set up your mailings so that subscribers can move up, down, and all around with the click of a button.


Placing a Bookmark in Your Template

Before you go too far, note that you'll begin in a template. You'll create your bookmarks in your template first so that you can access them from any subsequent mailings that use your template! Doing this allows you to create a bookmark that persists across mailings. For example, if you want to make it easy for your readers to navigate back to the top of your mailing, creating a bookmark in your template ensures that you'll always be provide a hyperlink in any different mailings that use that template.

Navigate to Mailings > Templates > View.

Locate your desired template. Hover over the Menu icon and select HTML to access the HTML Editor.

Click the area of your design where you would like to insert the bookmark. For example, using the scenario above, if you'd like to make it easy for your readers to quickly return to the top of the mailing (regardless of where they are), you can use a bookmark to reference that point in your mailing. Remember, you can use bookmarks anywhere in your mailing!

Click the Bookmark icon on the toolbar.

Enter a descriptive name for your bookmark.

Click OK.

An Anchor icon appears indicating the bookmark location.

Click Update to save your template.

Placing Bookmarks in Your Mailing

Navigate to Mailings > Create. Create a new mailing and use the template with the newly-created bookmark.

Add a story in one of the template's content locations.

Once in the editor, click the Insert Hyperlink icon.

The Insert Hyperlink window opens. Click the Hyperlink Type dropdown list and select Bookmark. Next, click the resulting Bookmark dropdown list and select the desired bookmark name.

Click Insert Hyperlink.

Click Save.

Other Notes

If you are using Story-Level Targeting, bookmark links do not work unless the receiving subscribers are in the target group for both stories!

Convenient Content

Every bookmark you create allows for convenient access to stories and locations within your mailing. Just make sure that you send a test mailing before you send to your subscribers!