Initial Web Tracking Tests

A good way to check and ensure that you are receiving data from your website is to visit several of your organization’s web pages and then check to see if data appears in Informz.

As you are doing these tests, make sure that you are aware of any excluded IP addresses in the Domain Setup for Web Tracking. Web traffic, by design, from that IP will not flow into Informz. It's quite common for the IP address that represents the organization's office to be excluded so that the metrics are not biased toward the pages that staff visit. If your organization has done that, then you have to make sure that you are on a different IP address in order to test.

Page Visit Test

If you have just enabled web tracking, spend some time clicking around your organization’s website so that you can generate some web tracking data. Afterward, Navigate to Marketing Automation > Web Tracking.

Click the Pages tab.

If web tracking is working as expected, you will see all of the pages of your website have been visited. This indicates that the JavaScript is on your site and is sending data to Informz.

Known User Test

This test checks to ensure that youa gather Known Users (subscribers who have clicked on a mailing to visit your site) for use in target groups.

Publish a mailing to yourself, and include a link to your website. With Web Tracking enabled, all links to the domains that you track are automatically configured to work with web tracking - nothing special for you to do.

A test mailing won't cut it here, only a published mailing will allow you to do this test..

When you receive the mailing, click the link to a page on your website. Take a look at the URL after clicking on the link in the mailing to make sure two URL parameters are present: _zs and _zl. These parameters appear at the end of the URL and are responsible for communicating which Informz subscribers are on your website (_zs), and to validate their presence by attaching it to an Informz mailing record (_zl).

If you are seeing these, you know that you configured your domain properly in the Web Tracking Setup.

Navigate to Marketing Automation > Web Tracking.

Click the Known Users tab.

You should now show up as a Known User in the Web Tracking Report.

Time to Collect the Data!

If you’ve made it this far and are seeing data appear in Informz related to website visits, congratulations! Don't rest on your laurels yet! You will quickly discover that you will want to learn more and more about what your subscribers are doing on your website. Now a good time to start planning on using Interaction Tracking Codes and Purchase Tracking Codes on your website to really increase the power that Web Tracking can have on the creation of Target Groups.