Informz Insights Sharing the Mailing Summary Report

Informz’s Mailing Summary Report is one of the most comprehensive compilations of marketing information and statistics available to Informz users. In fact, because its benefits are so far-reaching for your organization, you the option to share this report with non-Informz users through Informz Insights! By sharing the Mailing Summary Report, you can ensure that your team stays up-to-date on your mailing progress so that everyone can better strategize toward success.

Let’s look at how to share the Mailing Summary Report and see how its recipients can view it.


Sending the Report

Navigate to Mailings > Mailing Summary Report.

Click Share in the top right corner of the report.

This opens the Share Report pop-up window.

Enter the email address for each recipient and, if needed, a brief message to the recipients.

Click Share to send the report.

Receiving the Mailing Summary Report via Informz Insights

Each report recipient will receive the Mailing Summary Report via email. Click the View Report link in the email to access the Informz Insights portal.

Click the Select a report dropdown list to select a report. Click View Report next to the dropdown list to view this report.

The Mailing Summary Report opens in your web browser. Here, you can filter the mailings by several different criteria:

  • Mailing Folder
  • Target Group
  • Mailing Name
  • Mailing Subject
  • Date Range
  • Number of Recipients
  • Template
  • Accounting Code

Click View Reports to view the available data. This will include several charts and statistics.

The Truth is in the Numbers!

The information and statistics that you receive from Informz’s Mailing Summary Report provide a veritable wealth of knowledge for your marketing campaigns, outreach initiatives, and anything else that requires reports from your mailings. With this information at your command, you can adjust and refine toward mailing perfection! And remember, the numbers won’t lie, so you and your team will know exactly where you need to be!