Informz Insights Sharing Campaign Reports

Informz's Campaign Designer is a fantastic tool that not only provides sophisticated marketing automation, but equally sophisticated reporting! To help others in your organization view and understand the important details in your campaign, you can share campaign reports via the Share button on the Campaign Report page. The report is available up to 90 days after the campaign's end date (if an end date is not specified, it is set for one year from the current day).


Navigate to Marketing Automation > Campaigns.

Hover over the Menu Icon for your desired campaign and select Report.

In the top right corner of the report, click Share.

In the Share Report pop-up window, enter the report recipients' email addresses and a brief message.

Click Share.

The email that you send contains your message along with the following text: "You have been given access to the Informz Campaign Activity Report for {campaign name here}. You will have access to this report for the next 90 days"


The auto-sharing feature automatically sends the report to users that are specified via the Campaign Properties pop-up. The auto-share will be sent weekly at a specified time.

To set up auto-sharing, click the Blue Gear icon to access the campaign properties.

Click the Share campaign report each while campaign is active dropdown list and select Yes.

Use the Day of the Week and Time dropdown lists to set a day and time respectively for the report to send. Additionally, enter the list of recipient email addresses.

Click Save.

Frequency is Key

By sharing your campaign reports, you ensure that everyone involved stays in the loop! The auto-sharing feature is especially useful for this. By automatically sharing your report at a regular frequency, you provide valuable metrics and statistics to your recipients, helping them understand the different steps and successes in your campaign!