Impexium Overview

The Informz for Impexium integration provides a seamless way to sync Impexium Distribution Lists with Informz target groups. This provides an easy and timely way to move email information into Informz.

Each Informz for Impexium account comes with access to the Template Gallery to design your account's letterhead for mailings.

User Access

An Impexium customer record with the user role allowing Informz messaging. is required to use the integration. Staff and administrator roles have this access by default.

Run an Individual Search

The core functionality in this integration is the export of search results from Impexium to Informz.

Create your search/query using one of the following sources: individual, organization, prospects, customers (individuals and organizations combined), booth staff, or event registrants.

Click the Actions dropdown list and select Export to Informz.

Select the associated Informz Interest (driven by Interests already in Informz) for your search.

Select an Action (either Add or Update Emails in Interest or Replace All Emails in Interest) for the export.

Click Export to Informz to complete the process.

To launch Informz within Impexium, immediately after the export, click Login to Informz in the confirmation message. Otherwise, you can launch Informz from your desktop at a later time.

Leverage Informz

With subscriber information being moved from Impexium to Informz, you can now begin developing your email marketing campaigns using all of the powerful tools in Informz.