iMIS Writebacks - Unsubscribe

Even when you try your hardest to keep your subscribers engaged and happy, some eventually become disengaged. And, now that the unsubscribe took place in Informz, you may be wondering how this gets back to iMIS. Well, you've come to the right place - let's take a look at the iMIS Unsubscribe Writeback (AKA iUnsub in iMIS).

What is an Unsubscribe?

Unsubscribes are instances in which subscribers have indicated they do not wish to receive mailings (under any circumstance, at any time, EVER!). As a result of this, the iUnsub writeback is created and sent to iMIS. The subscriber can unsubscribe in a variety of ways:

  • Clicking on a link in a mailing.
  • Through an Informz Landing Page.
  • Complaining to the organization or to Informz directly (after which a user performs the unsubscribe through the user interface).
  • Complaining to their ISP.
  • Your organization may wish to unsubscribe a subscriber for various business reasons.

Any and all of these actions result in the subscriber being unsubscribed within Informz.

Unsubscribe Reasons

Because unsubscribes can occur through Informz Landing Pages, Informz includes additional information alongside the subscriber's email address. Informz also writes back the subscriber's radio button selection and any information entered on an unsubscribe form's text area (which allows subscribers to explain their reasons for leaving).

For example, if a subscriber selected the "I receive too many emails" radio button and entered the text explanation "I'd prefer a weekly email rather than daily ones," both messages write back to iMIS.

Please note that the writeback truncates any text explanations greater than 250 characters.

When do iUnsub Writebacks Happen?

The iUnsub writeback occurs after meeting the following three conditions:

  1. The remote_unsub_updated field on the subscriber table is null (this means Informz has not yet written back).
  2. The unsubscribe occurred within the last 30 days.
  3. The subscriber is canceled for a reason in Informz that triggers an iUnsub writeback.

Informz is always the master database for unsubscribe data. Data written back to iMIS includes timestamp information, which appends the changes table after a sync with Informz. The iUnsub writeback record is located in the iMIS activity table. iUnsubs write back once daily at 1:00 am (Eastern Time).

Sorry to See You Go...

Remember, despite your best efforts, unsubscribes happen! Fortunately, this information does not go away. When Informz writes back to iMIS, you can be sure that anyone who unsubscribes is tracked in your database.