iMIS Writebacks - Opt-Out

Integrated opt-out management between iMIS and Informz has been a long standing feature. As time has moved on, Informz has developed Integrated Preference Management (IPM) as the next generation of this feature. This creates an overall better subscriber experience and also allows you to collect more data from your subscribers.

Please contact your advisor to see if IPM for iMIS is the right solution for your organization.

If you are currently using the opt-out writeback for iMIS, or plan to do so, read on!


The iOptOut writeback occurs when a subscriber clicks the iMIS opt-out link in a mailing. The writeback occurs immediately. It writes back the opt-out value to a specific field in a user-defined table in iMIS and then writes back to the activity table. Note that the user-defined table is determined by the user.

Informz writes back all information that populates the subscriber's table: iMIS Name ID, Opt-Out Date, Subscriber Email Address, and the field that is being opted-out. This occurs after a user interacts with an iMIS Preference Management Form.

Are You In, or Are You Out?

You can use this method to manage opt-ins instead of opt-outs. If you want to go down this path, you must make sure that the data is managed properly so that you maintain the data integrity (such as opt-out activity, which, in this case, would be inaccurate). Usually it's easier for people to understand and opt-in view of data.