iMIS Writebacks - Email Address Correction

The iCorrect writeback is intended to let you know when you have "faulty" email addresses. Informz is capable of correcting these automatically (e.g. can be auto-corrected to This correction happens during syncs between Informz and iMIS. The results are viewable via the upload history in the Informz User Interface as System Corrected Emails.


Navigate to Subscribers > Upload > Upload History.

View the System Corrected Emails column (click Columns and select System Corrected Emails if it is not in the current view).

Click the invalid emails count to open a new window with additional details.

Informz records the addresses corrected during each sync, but will only writeback one correction per iMIS ID. Therefore, if a client ignores the iCorrect writeback, Informz will not continue to write back. Informz writes back all information that lives in the subscriber’s table: iMIS Name ID, Subscriber Modified Date, and Email Address (as it appears in iMIS and the corrected version).

The iCorrect writeback occurs after three conditions are met:

  • Informz has not yet written back an iCorrect for the incorrect data.
  • The subscriber has a valid iMIS ID.
  • A sync has flagged the email address as one that needs correcting.

Timing is Key

Because having an accurate email address is a very important thing, this writeback occurs every time there is a sync between Informz and iMIS. This ensures that you have the best chance to send your message to a subscriber!