iMIS Writebacks - Campaigns

There are political campaigns (like running for president), there are military campaigns (like Hannibal invading Rome), and there are mailing campaigns (which are the coolest of all)!

Campaigns allow you to send mailings in a sequence based on your subscribers' interactions with those mailings. When you want to learn more about those interactions, you can view data in iMIS via the campaign writeback. This will write back everyone who is in a campaign and note every step they are along the way. The writeback occurs daily.

User-Defined Table Structure

You need to create a user-defined table to work with this writeback. Below is the table structure for the INFORMZ_CAMPAIGN table. Please see this article to learn the initial steps to create a user-defined table.

Make sure to name the tables and columns (fields) using the exact names and data types as specified below. If the names are not identical, the transfers cannot be performed properly.


Field NamePromptTypeLength
CAMPAIGN_NAMECampaign NameChar200
CAMPAIGN_STEP_NAMECampaign Step NameChar255
CAMPAIGN_STEP_TYPECampaign Step TypeChar255
STEP_START_DATEStep Start DateDateTime
CAMPAIGN_START_DATECampaign Start DateDateTime
CAMPAIGN_GOAL_DATECampaign Goal DateDateTime

Campaigning for Data

Once you are writing back campaign information, you'll have a wealth of information available to you. This helps you understand your subscriber base and allow you to embark on additional, more targeted campaigns!