iMIS Writebacks - Unsubscribe (Parent and Child Accounts)

If you have a main parent iMIS account that uses one or more child accounts, you might want to know a bit more about they work together “under the hood.” This is especially true when you look at unsubscribe writebacks. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a look.

Database Links

iMIS parent and child accounts commonly share the same database, but each account typically retrieves different records from this database. For example, if a subscriber unsubscribes from a mailing someone sent from the child account, the writeback action (iUNSUB) updates the shared database. You’ll see the unsubscribe writeback attached to the subscriber record and the Informz account ID where the unsubscribe originated (i.e. the account where someone sent the original mailing).

Share Unsubscribes

Keep in mind that while your iMIS parent and child accounts share a database, they do not automatically share unsubscribe writebacks. This is because each unsubscribe writeback links back to the unique account ID.

If you want to share all unsubscribes across your iMIS parent and child accounts (making the unsubscribe action independent from the account ID), you’ll need to use the share unsubscribes extension. Contact your Advisor to activate this feature.

Unsubscribes – Essential and Easy

While it may seem difficult to honor your subscribers’ unsubscribe requests across your iMIS parent and child accounts, it’s actually quite the opposite! By recording the unsubscribe action and the account ID, you can easily find the subscriber’s record and the mailing’s origin.