Using an iMIS Target Group in a Compound Target Group

A compound target group is a collection of target groups brought together to create a new, single target group. Existing target groups can be included or excluded in a compound target group. This includes iMIS target groups too!

Follow the steps below to create a new compound target group that includes and excludes iMIS target groups.


Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Click Create.

Click the Target Group Type dropdown list and select Compound.

Enter a name for the new target group.

Click the Select Existing Target Groups Folder dropdown list and select an iMIS folder. This displays a list of iMIS target groups.

To include a target group, select an iMIS target group and click Include.

Repeat this process for each target group you wish to include in the compound.

If you wish to have subscribers appear in any of the iMIS target groups, select In one or more. If you only wish to have subscribers that appear in all target groups simultaneously, select In all.

To exclude a target group, select an iMIS target group and click Exclude. Any subscribers in the exclude list that match those in the include list, will be removed from the compound target group.

Click Create Target Group to save the target group.

Compounding Power

There you have it! Creating compound target groups from iMIS target groups is easy to do, and tremendously useful. And remember, when you build compound target groups, you create something that is truly greater than the sum of its parts!