iMIS Target Group Troubleshooting

To avoid failed and delayed mailings it is important for iMIS clients to make certain that target groups are receiving accurate counts before the Send button is pushed. This article describes how to make this critical check and how to troubleshoot errors found.

Check Your Target Groups

When you select a target group in the “To” section on the Set-Up page of Mailing Designer, check the subscriber count to make sure Informz is connecting and synced to your iMIS database. Click on View Details to see the count and other information for the subscribers in the target group.


View the Subscribers Who Will Receive the Mailing

When you are ready to publish a mailing from within Mailing Designer, proceed to the Send tab. From there, select View subscribers receiving this mailing. The pop-up window provides a detailed count of subscribers in the target group, and it also lists numbers for those that won’t be getting the mailing due to opt-outs and other reasons. This can be particularly useful when using compound target groups, multiple target groups, and/or multiple opt-out lists.


No Subscriber Counts - Now What?

To determine if there is a problem with the Informz Bridge to iMIS go to Admin > Bridge Repair. You will see a pop-up that looks like this:


Error Messages

If there are some error messages check several settings on the iMIS database. Follow the instructions on the page and make the checks prior to contacting your Advisor. If an IPSec tunnel is being used the Bridge Repair page will not be able to diagnose the problem—contact your Advisor. There are other considerations when using IQA queries. In any bridge repair situation your Advisor will be asking questions about the following settings.

  1. Has the IP address changed?— Informz won’t be able to connect if the IP address used to access the database has been changed. This can happen after changing Internet Service Providers, for example. Your Advisor will need to know the new IP address. If you are uncertain of what settings Informz is currently using, ask your Advisor.
  2. Firewall settings—Ensure that the firewall is open on your iMIS database server to accept Informz traffic using TCP connections from IP (For clients hosted in the Canadian data center, use IP ??????) The standard port is 1433, but this can be any port. Let your Advisor know if the port has been changed.
  3. Database name and password—Again, if the name of the iMIS database has been changed for any reason Informz will be unable to connect and sync. Check to make sure the password hasn’t changed. Inform your Advisor of any changes

Sync Up

Once the iMIS Bridge is back up it is important to check target group counts prior to publishing a mailing. If errors are encountered or subscribers are missing sync your database with Informz. Your Advisor may have already done this for you. From the Informz dashboard go to Subscribers  > Upload > Sync Informz with iMIS. The following pop-up appears:


Rebuild Target Groups

After a sync it is a good idea to also rebuild Target Groups to make sure they include all the subscriber changes. Go to Subscribers > Groups > Target Groups and click Rebuild all iMIS Target Groups. The rebuilding process often takes a few minutes to run.

Separate from a general rebuilding, there is also a button to Refresh Available IQA Target Groups (refer to iMIS IQA Troubleshooting) if that's enabled in your account.

Consult Your Advisor

Your Advisor has other controls and can adjust settings that may need to be changed. The Advisor can assist you in determining the cause of the iMIS Bridge being inoperative or generating errors. Checking the items listed here can speed the troubleshooting process for your Advisor.