iMIS Sync Overview

A sync brings new email addresses into Informz from iMIS, updates existing addresses, and updates other information from iMIS.

How Does It Work?

A sync uses the Informz_Changes table in iMIS (created by Informz as part of the integration) to determine which new email addresses have been added, which addresses have been removed, and which ones have been changed. Informz only syncs iMIS records that have statuses that Informz is set to accept (e.g. Active), that have an iMIS IDs, that have valid email addresses, and that are not unsubscribed or opted-out.

Informz syncs on Name.Email or Name_Address.Email+Purpose and Preferred status from iMIS.

When Does Informz Sync?

There are four instances when Informz syncs with iMIS:

  1. Manual Sync – A manual sync is one that's initiated by a user. This type of sync looks at the Informz_Changes tables for additions and changes. To perform a manual sync, navigate to Subscribers > Upload > Sync Informz with iMIS.
  2. Sending a Mailing – Each time a mailing is published Informz syncs with iMIS. During this process, Informz queries iMIS and retrieves any new subscribers that match the criteria of that target group.
  3. Nightly Sync – This is an automated process that runs every night. It syncs iMIS IQA groups that have been created in the last seven days, or that were used in an emailing in the last 90 days. This sync also sends writebacks to iMIS for iUnsub, iOptout, iCorrect, iResub, and iBadEmail. All writeback data is placed in the iMIS Activity table.
  4. Weekend Sync – This is an automated process, that Informz runs, each Sunday morning. This does a full sync on all iMIS target groups.

Why Isn't My Target Group Count What I Think It Should be?

There are times when the number of records returned after a sync may not match your expectations. Here are some likely reasons:

  • Some iMIS records do not have valid email addresses
  • Some iMIS records do not have preferred statuses (ie. Active)
  • Some email addresses may have been previously unsubscribed in Informz

What Is A Partial Refresh?

A partial refresh, or partial sync, brings over new data or changed data from iMIS to Informz. For example, a change of email address or a new iMIS ID. Informz automatically syncs with iMIS every time a mailing is sent. A mailing sync brings in any new subscribers and the most current email addresses from iMIS.

What Is A Full Refresh?

A full refresh, also called a full sync, is the same as the weekend sync. It removes all records in the Informz_Changes table and rebuilds that table based upon the selected preferred status values used to sync. This is a useful way to exercise all of the database triggers used in the integration.

In contrast, the partial refresh does not do the “remove all records” step. A full refresh is a manual sync that can only be executed by an Informz staff member.

Can I Also Upload Subscribers?

Subscribers can be brought into Informz by syncing with iMIS and by uploading a list of subscribers (Subscribers > Upload > Upload Subscribers). If a subscriber email address has been uploaded into Informz, it will not have an iMIS ID on the subscriber record. If this same subscriber email address is subsequently brought in by a sync from iMIS, the iMIS ID will be added to the existing subscriber record. This process prevents duplicate records from being created in Informz, and it also retains all of the subscriber’s mailing history regardless of the method used to create a subscriber record in Informz.

Assistance With Syncing

If you believe counts or other iMIS information you are seeing in Informz is incorrect or out of date your Advisor will assist you.