iMIS Profile Info Target Groups

You want to create a target group that pulls information from iMIS into Informz? Well it sounds like you may be interested in creating an iMIS Profile Information Target Group. These are really useful because they can be used to create target groups that provide name and address information about your members. These use fields on the Name, Names_address, and Name_Fin tables (Member_Type, Status, or Country).


Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Click Create.

Click the Target Group Type dropdown list and select iMIS Profile Info.

Click Create.

Name the target group and select a folder. Note that you probably have an iMIS Profile Info folder already created, though you can store this new target group in any available folder.

Click Next to continue.

Click the Profile Type dropdown list to select the list that will supply the data (the list you are pulling from). Note that the Profile Type selection will determine whether information is being pulled from the Main Profile (Name) table or a specific tab/purpose on the name_address table; the Profile Type dropdown list will ultimately contain different entries based on the available tabs/purposes in iMIS. However, the list will always contain the Main Profile table.

Click Next.

Click the Profile Fields dropdown list and select the profile field that will supply the data (the field you are pulling from). Fill out the specifics below for that profile field. Note that the available specific values are dynamic and may change based on the profile field you use. For example, if you choose Birth Date as your profile field, you can set the parameters to match anyone within a date range.

When using a date range, make sure to put the earlier date first and the later date second. Reversing the date order will render the target group unusable for future editing.

Click Update to finish.

Embark for Adventure!

Don't be afraid to bring along your Advisor to help you along the way with creating awesome target groups from iMIS data. The possibilities are endless when creating these target groups! Additionally, understanding exactly the information you are looking to obtain is going to make this target group adventure one you won't soon forget!