iMIS Personalization

Nothing says "I know you" like a personalized mailing. And, when you can leverage iMIS personalization data with your mailings, you can create a great mailing experience for your constituents.

The real power of personalizing goes way beyond simply inserting a first name into your story. You can really rock your mailings by getting creative with personalization, and you can insert that data into a mailing story, subject line, friendly from, from email address, or reply-to email.

Data from iMIS, for use in personalization, can be obtained from any table or view that includes the iMIS ID field. Personalization from iMIS can only be drawn from a "one-to-one" relationship with the iMIS member. For example, a member can only have a single value for first name or age.

Standard iMIS Personalization

For the personalization from iMIS fields to work successfully in a mailing, the mailing must also be published to an iMIS target group. Informz personalization fields can’t be used with iMIS target groups and vice versa.

The iMIS personalization fields below can have an optional default value associated with the field. For example, this option is good to use if you suspect that some First Name fields are blank and the user would like to use “Friend” or "Valued Member" instead of specific first names.

Default Values for Personalization

To set default values for personalizations, navigate to Subscribers > Profile Fields.

Locate the iMIS profile field you wish to set a default value for and click to the right of default.

Enter/modify the default value. Note that iMIS profile fields and Informz profile info fields are identified by distinctive icons.

Standard Personalization Sources

iMIS personalization data fields (found in dropdowns in the Informz UI) are sourced from the Name (and related) tables as well as any User-Defined tables. These sources are options in the dropdown list when inserting personalization from the HTML editor. However, to use personalization fields from other tables or views, you can use the following syntax:


The tablename is the table or view where you want to retrieve data from.

The fieldname is the field that you want to use.

The tablename being referenced MUST have the iMIS Name ID as a value in it, with only one record per iMIS ID. Multiple records will result in the personalization only returning the first value.

Contact your Advisor for a script to create Informz_View_Date_Format view.

For date formats, Informz has a custom view that can be created in iMIS to control the format of personalization values in the following way:

There is a 1,000-character limit (approximately) for these user-defined fields.

Using Personalization in a Mailing

In the story editor, place the cursor where the personalization code is needed.

Click on the Personalization icon in the toolbar.

A new window opens with a dropdown list with the available options for Personalization Type. Select either iMIS Profile Info or iMIS User Defined to identify the data source.

Once the type is selected, a list of available fields displays.


Select a field and click the Insert button to populate the code into the story. iMIS appears in the code indicating that this is an iMIS personalization code.

Make It a Great Reader Experience

Personalizing a mailing is easy to do and really adds to the value of your communications. Don't be afraid to get creative with personalizing. Using the right piece of data can really catch your readers' eyes and help to engage them with your message.

Don't forget - iMIS personalization requires that the mailing is published using an iMIS target group!