iMIS Overview

The Informz for iMIS integration is one of the most widely-used of all of the integrations Informz offers. Much like fine wines and cheese, this one keeps getting better with age. There are so many features, tips, and tricks that it can be hard to remember them all, let alone fully leverage them to positively impact your efficiency and ROI.

iMIS is a very mature AMS. It also has a broad web development platform so many associations have their web site hosted “on top of” iMIS. The biggest advantage of doing that is that the customer portal experience becomes much easier to achieve.

The Informz for iMIS integration is the only actively supported integration by ASI. The integration enables deep connections between Informz and iMIS data. The integration uses “linked server” technology to connect iMIS with Informz. This is a “direct” connection between the two databases allowing Informz to run remote queries against iMIS. iMIS is the master database for the subscriber profile information, while Informz is the master database for the unsubscribe and repeated bouncer data.

Informz is the leading email provider for organizations that use iMIS. In fact, we are the only authorized third party email provider by ASI.

Our integration is real-time and more robust than any other integrated provider – making it easier than ever to harness the combined power of email marketing and your iMIS database to keep your members informed and engaged.

Informz for iMIS offers many benefits:

  • Integrate with iMIS 10, iMIS 15 and iMIS20–300
  • Save Time! With the integration, there is no need to go to your IT department to retrieve a list. With informz for iMIS, everything is at your fingertips. Create iMIS Target Groups from your name, address tables, activities, and more!
  • Access SQL views, IQA queries and Ad Hoc queries created in iMIS when conducting email campaigns — with data updated in real time
  • Query Activities Tables and UD tables without leaving the Informz user interface
  • Personalize emails using virtually any iMIS data
  • Subscriber actions (unsubscribes, opt-outs, bad emails, corrected email addresses, opens, clicks) as well as survey and ballot interactions are written back to iMIS and can be viewed in the contact record
  • and much more!

Contact your Advisor to make sure you're getting the most out of your Informz for iMIS integration.