iMIS Moved Server

Do you ever feel like everything just keeps changing? Your job duties, gas prices, or maybe even your database server. While we can't keep you from having to help Bill in accounting with those forms, we can help you make your database server move a seamless transition. Remember to follow these key steps necessary to make sure the bridge connection between Informz and your database stays up.

Preparing to Move your iMIS Server

First, verify if any of the information from old server has changed with the new server. Check:

  • IP Address
  • Database name
  • Port #
  • Username
  • Password

Second, review your login information. A common occurrence when the iMIS database is moved to a different server, is the Informz login not being moved over.  The will cause the iMIS bridge connection to break.  You will need to recreate the Informz login in the SQL server.  You can work with your database admin to make sure this login is created.

Third, keep your advisor in the loop!  An informed Advisor is a helpful Advisor.  If you know you are planning the server move in advance, let your advisor know.  They can work with the software operations team to ensure everything is ready to go as soon as you give the word.

All iMIS Databases are Not Created Equally

While the steps above are a perfect jumping off point to make the server move seamless, keep in mind that there are a few more steps involved when your database also has an IPSEC tunnel or iMIS IQA.  Contact your advisor if you think you have either of these two features. IPSEC tunnels may take a few days to configure, so plan accordingly in your project management plan.