iMIS Member Conversion Report

The member conversion report works in conjunction with a single, mailing activity report. The goal of this feature is to make a correlation between activities that happened in iMIS to a recent mailing that was sent. For example, if a mailing was sent urging members to register for an event, and then that particular event’s code was used with the report, a strong case could be made that these registrations could be attributed to the mailing. Note that this is not an exact science: a member might have received the mailing, done nothing, and then decided to register later that day by going directly into the member portal.

The performance of this report is tied to the quantity of data that it has to evaluate. It is not uncommon for the processing to exceed one minute in an environment where a lot of data exists in the AMS. Despite the processing time, the insights are worth the wait.


Configuring Member Conversion

In any of the Member Conversion reports, first create or select an existing Conversion Setting. These Conversion Settings allow you to filter out iMIS activities that are unrelated to the activities linked through the mailing.

Viewing a Member Conversion Report

Navigate to a Mailings > View Mailings > Sent tab.

Click on a mailing to open its associated Mailing Activity Report.

Navigate to the Details tab and scroll down to the Member Conversions folder.

Select any of the reports to see the correlation between changes in iMIS data at the time the mailing was sent.

Click Edit next to the "Choose a Conversion Setting..." dropdown list (found in the upper right corner). This brings up the list of Conversion Settings, allowing the user to add, delete, or change the settings.

Only the top 50 values for each area are shown. If you do not see the values you wish, please contact your Advisor and he or she can work with the Informz Software Operations team to put them into a conversion for you.

P implies Q therefore R

While you won't need to apply any sophisticated logical formulae to understand the important correlations that the member conversion report shows, remember that this is not necessarily a direct correlation! Make sure you check out the other reports, too, to understand the bigger picture.