iMIS IQA Target Groups

iMIS IQA Target Groups are a great way to use the IQA feature in iMIS for precision targeting.

IQA stands for Intelligent Query Architect. It is a powerful query tool in iMIS used to do complex reporting and querying. ASI has said that IQA is a core feature of iMIS and that it is only going to expand in the future.

Steps - Setting Up IQA Queries in iMIS Using Query Service

  1. Go into iMIS
  2. Create a folder called Informz in IQA root directory. Set the security permissions for that folder to Allow any type of object in this folder and Everyone Full Control.
  3. Find the URL to the query service. The iMIS administrator should be able to provide this. It looks something like http://www.[Association Domain].org/iMIS15/AsiCommon/services/query/queryservice.asmx. To test the URL, enter it in the web browser. It should return a page similar to this:

Steps - Creating IQA Target Groups in Informz

  1. Log into Informz using an authorized user with Administrator privileges.
  2. Navigate to Administration > System Settings
  3. Find the section titled Integration Settings. If you don't see this, ask your Advisor to verify that IQA is enabled for your account.
  4. Enter the URL to the queryservice.asmx web service. Also, check the Active checkbox.
  5. Log out of Informz and return to iMIS IQA.
  6. Create a new IQA query in the Informz folder. Make sure the security tab is set to Share(Everyone).
  7. Log into Informz and navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups
  8. Select iMIS IQA in the Target Group Type folder. If everything is properly configured, new IQA queries in the Informz folder in IQA will display in Informz. To refresh this list, click the Update Target Groups button.

Things To Remember About IQA Queries

  • iMIS IQA target group syncs do not bring over any new subscribers to Informz. They simply organize existing subscribers.
  • New IQA queries in the Informz folder in iMIS automatically appear in Informz.
  • The IQA integration does not support retrieving personalization data or performing writebacks.
  • IQA cannot function independently from the iMIS linked server integration.

Consult your Advisor

If you'd like more information or help setting up your IQA Queries, please contact your Advisor.