iMIS Intelligent Query Architect (IQA)

The iMIS Intelligent Query Architect (IQA) is a great tool that you can use to create Informz Target Groups within iMIS. Once the feature is enabled, new IQA queries in the Informz folder in iMIS appear in Informz as target groups.

Setting Up IQA

For IQA to work properly, follow the steps outlined in the following subsections. Once you do, you’ll have IQA humming right along!

QueryService Web Service URL

In Informz, navigate to Admin > System Settings > Integration Settings > Edit Integration Settings.

Ensure that the QueryService Web Address from iMIS has been entered properly and that the Active checkbox has been checked. Currently, Informz supports the Unauthenticated Query Service type with iMIS.

Check the QueryService Web Service URL

Copy the QueryService Web Service URL inserted above, and then verify that the URL is correct by pasting it in your internet browser’s address bar. The website result should look like the image below:

Firewall Settings

Check your firewall settings to make sure that Informz traffic is being allowed.

Secure the QueryService Web Service

The QueryService Web Service gives an administrator access to query results for a specific query or for the default query (if the document folder is specified).

Security for these web services is set in the web.config file, which defaults to the following location (in Windows):

C:\Program Files (x86)\ASI\iMIS\Net\

To use the IQA target groups, set the web.config file value of the AppSetting key secureQueryWebService to “false.” This ensures that you can run the queries properly.

(By default, the web.config file value of the AppSetting key secureQueryWebService is set to “true.” When this value is “true,” only authenticated users with the SysAdmin role can access or run queries through the QueryService Web Service. When this value is set to "false," anyone can access or run queries through this web service)

Set Permissions in the Informz Folder

Log into the iMIS Intelligent Query Architect Desktop Application and set permissions on the Informz folder exactly as shown in the image below:

Set the Query Security Permissions

Set the Access Mode to Share (Everyone).

Click the dropdown list and select Everyone Full Control.

Create the Query

Create your iMIS IQA query. Special characters are not allowed in the query name!

Set the Query Display Columns and Filter Prompt

Each query must return the ID field. The column name for the field should be “ID” in all capital letters. You must enter “ID” as an Alias if the Property has a different name.

 Filter Prompts for parameters must not be used. The Prompts must all be set to “No.” 

Refresh Available IQA Target Groups

To see your new IQAs in Informz, navigate to Subscribers > Groups > Target Groups.

Select your IQA folder and click Refresh Available IQA Target Groups.

View and Update Count

To view and update an accurate count for your target group, hover over the Menu icon to the left of your desired target group and select Info.

Click Resync Now to update the count.

If Problems Persist…

If you are still having issues, please contact your Advisor who will help you resolve the problem.