An IPSEC Tunnel is a site-to-site VPN connection using IPSEC encryption. This configuration requires more lead time than a firewall-to-firewall exception. In addition, there are certain hardware devices from your organization that may preclude Informz from being able to successfully configure a stable IPSEC tunnel. Below is the information that Informz needs to set up an IPSEC tunnel:

  • External IP Address.
  • Internal IP Address of the SQL Server that hosts your database (this may be an internal LAN IP address or an external IP address that you are NATing to the SQL Server).
  • Secret Shared Key (not to be sent via email).
  • Name, email address, and phone number of your organization's network engineer who is configuring the tunnel.

Additionally, you will need to send Phase I Authentication and Phase II Encryption details to Informz. Contact your Advisor for the available options.

Once Informz receives this information, an Informz engineer will contact your network engineer to coordinate a time to configure the tunnel. This may take about one week to schedule.