iMIS User-Defined Target Groups

Now that you've synced your iMIS remote interests with Informz, you'll probably want to take full advantage of them. One of the best ways is to create an interest-based target group using these interests! 

Informz can use any user-defined table created in iMIS as the source for target groups in Informz. The iMIS user-defined target groups can be used to create target groups using any table designated as user-defined in iMIS as long as the table contains the iMIS ID field.

Note that if you are using IPM for iMIS, you need to create a user-defined target group for each interest. This will give you additional control over opt-in and opt-out options. You can ultimately use these target groups to include or exclude different subscribers from your mailings. For example, if you identify a user-defined target group as an opt-out, you can use that target group as a "do not send to" group.


Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Click Create.

The Create Target Group pop-up opens. Click the dropdown list and select iMIS User-Defined.

Click Create.

In the Add Interest pop-up, enter a Name for your interest.

Click the Target Group Folder dropdown list and select a folder where the target group will reside.

Optionally, click the Do-Not-Email List checkbox if the list contains emails that need to be excluded from the target group mailings.

Click Next.

Click the Tables dropdown list and select a table source for the target group's user-defined field.

Click Next.

Click the User-Defined Fields dropdown list and select a field for the target group. Add any additional Target Type and Target Value details as necessary.

Click Update to create the target group.

IPM + iMIS + Informz = Precision Targeting

You don't have to be an ace with mathematics to ace this formula. With the precision afforded by iMIS remote interests, you'll soon be reaching your subscribers in ways you never knew possible!