iMIS Duplicates

Do duplicate subscriber records have you seeing double? Don't rush to the optometrist yet - we can help! An iMIS duplicate record refers to the same email address appearing on two separate subscriber records. Fortunately, there are interactions that you can perform with your subscriber records to prevent duplicates from happening.

Subscriber Records

Uniqueness of a subscriber record in Informz for iMIS, is determined by the combination of the email address and the iMIS Remote ID. That data pair creates a unique subscriber record in Informz.

If a subscriber email address is uploaded through subscriber upload, and that email address already exists on a subscriber record that was created as a result of the integration, the upload process will not create a duplicate record. The incoming data will be merged with the existing subscriber record (and that existing subscriber record will have an iMIS Remote ID value showing that it came into Informz as a result of a sync.)

If a subscriber email address is uploaded through subscriber upload, and that email address does not exist as an address from an integration,. then Informz will create a new record within your account. If/when the email address appears later due an integration sync, the iMIS remote ID is added to the existing record.

Curing Double Vision

In the event that a duplicate subscriber record is created in Informz, there is an overnight process that will identify and manage these outliers.

If the same email address exists with different remote IDs - because that's how uniqueness is defined in Informz - this process will not unsubscribe that subscriber record. If, however, the same email address exists on multiple subscribers where one has a remote ID and one does not have a remote ID, the process will unsubscribe the subscriber without the remote ID.

Please note that seeing duplicate subscribers from the iMIS integration is not a common occurrence. However, if you see this happening with regularity, please reach out to your Advisor for assistance to research this situation..