iMIS Do Not Email

If you've sent mailings using Informz, it's likely you have a list in iMIS of email addresses that have previously unsubscribed. This might also be a list of subscribers that never opted-in to receive mailings from your organization. A Do Not Email target group is a great way to ensure that emails are not sent from Informz to these email addresses.

Because of its use, this type of target group has some special attributes. The most noticeable is the subscriber count. The first time this target group is created, a count is shown. However, after the first sync the count is 0. This is because Informz has unsubscribed all of those email addresses and subsequently suppresses them from  syncing.

Remember that the iMIS (not IQA) sync is different than other integrations. Part of the iMIS sync logic includes unsubscribing those in DO NOT EMAIL groups in addition to bringing over any changes/additions in subscribers to iMIS. 

While a Do Not Email target group can be created with any type of iMIS target group in Informz, most clients use a user defined table for this. The Steps below use that example but you can substitute iMIS Profile or any other type of iMIS target group that has the Do-Not-Email-List prompt listed.


A Do Not Email target group is created similarly to an iMIS User Defined target group.

Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Select Create and then choose iMIS User Defined Target Group.

Name it iMIS Do Not Email.

Check Do-Not-Email-List.

Click Next.

Locate the table that the Do Not Email field is in (typically under the Demographics Table).

Search for the Field.

Select Specific Value once the field is located.

Assuming that, in iMIS, a checked check box indicates not wanting to receive emails, place a 1 in the box next to "Specific Value." A 1 means "checked" and 0 means unchecked. If the iMIS field is set up such that a checked check box indicates wanting to receive mailings, then place a 0 in the fields value.

Initiate a manual sync (Subscribers > Target Groups > Rebuild All iMIS Target Groups) and anyone checked in iMIS will be unsubscribed in Informz.

Whoops! I DO Want to Receive Your Mailings

If subscribers change their mind about receiving their mailings, they can be opted in using a few approaches. The best approach is to ensure that iMIS is properly updated with a valid email address and a status that Informz expects to sync over.

Additionally, ensure that any additional criteria, from individual profiles, that puts them into the Do Not Email list in iMIS is removed.

This Can Be Tricky...

We recognize that sometimes this topic is a little challenging to grasp initially. If you'd like some help, simply contact your Advisor and he or she can walk you through what you need to do!