iMIS Cached Personalization

Have you ever wanted to see data from your iMIS database in Informz? Don't worry - we've got you covered!

iMIS Cached Personalizations

Ask your Informz Advisor to turn on the Integration Personalization extension in your account to see cached iMIS data within Informz. When enabled, iMIS fields appear as selectable columns in any subscriber listing, and you can preview data in those fields.

What Can You Do With Cached Personalizations?

  • Verify that the iMIS field has the correct data before using it for a personalization,
  • See if a subscriber is missing data in their iMIS profile from within Informz.
  • Export an Excel file of subscriber information with Informz and iMIS data included.
  • See which iMIS fields are available to use in Informz.
  • Research and troubleshoot without having to switch between Informz and iMIS.

Want More Information?

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