iMIS Bridge Tricks and Best Practices

There are several tricks and best practices that you can follow to ensure that your iMIS Bridge is in good shape before you send a mailing. Let's take a look at some tips and tricks that can give you an edge when using iMIS!

Tips and Tricks

Check Your Target Groups

Prior to sending a mailing, it is always a good idea to check the subscriber count in your target group. Verifying the size is usually a good indicator that you've selected the correct list. Additionally, checking the count ensures that Informz is connected and synced to your iMIS database. Click View Details for your target group to see your subscriber counts and dditional details.

View the Subscribers Set to Receive Your Mailing

When it comes time to send your mailing, you'll inevitably find yourself on the Mailing Designer Send tab. From here, click View Subscribers Receiving This Mailing to open a new pop-up window with a detailed count of all subscribers in the target group.

The benefit of this pop-up is in the math! It shows additional counts for subscribers who are removed or added to to the mailing (due to duplicate emails, opt-outs, test groups, etc.). This can be a particularly useful tool when you're looking at compound target groups, multiple target groups simultaneously, etc.

Bridge Connection

If your subscriber count is at zero, check to see if there is a problem with your iMIS bridge connection. Navigate to Admin > Check Bridge Status and determine if your bridge is up and running!

Finally, there are other considerations when using IQA queries. Ultimately, your Advisor may need to ask several questions to help diagnose the problem and take the necessary steps to repair it. Here are some questions he or she might ask:

  • Has your IP address changed?: If the IP address used to access your database has been changed, Informz won't be able to connect to iMIS. This can happen for a variety of reasons (such as changing your Internet Service Provider). Your Advisor needs to know the new IP address, and he or she can provide you with the current settings that Informz uses.
  • What are your firewall settings?: Ensure that your firewall on your iMIS database server is open to accept traffic from Informz using a TCP connection (contact Informz for the IP address). Additionally, if your port has changed, you'll need to note this as well.
  • Have you changed your Database Name/Password?: If the name of your iMIS database name has changed, Informz won't be able to sync. The same is true if your password has changed. Always let your Advisor know of any such changes.

Sync Up

Once you've confirmed that your bridge is up and running, always revisit your target groups. If the counts in Informz do not line up with those in your iMIS database, you may need to perform a sync between Informz and iMIS.

Navigate to Subscribers > Upload > Sync Informz with iMIS and click Sync Subscribers.

After you sync, it's always a good idea to rebuild your target groups to ensure that they have the latest and greatest information on all of your subscriber target groups.

Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups and click Rebuild All iMIS Target Groups. This process typically takes a few minutes.

If All Else Fails...

Never hesitate to contact your Advisor. He or she has tools that can assist you in this process. However, always remember to try these ideas first to make sure that you have all the details necessary to help your Advisor help you!