iMIS Ad Hoc Target Groups

Ad Hoc queries in iMIS, are customized groupings of data that users create in iMIS. These are useful because these queries can pull data from a variety of tables in iMIS. This brings together disparate groups of data into a single query. Similar functionality can be achieved using iMIS IQA or SQL Views in iMIS.

An Ad Hoc target group represents the “where” clause of a SQL query in the iMIS search results table in iMIS. This would be considered to be on the client-side.

The Ad Hoc queries in iMIS are available for selection as an Informz target group. When Informz wants to reproduce the data based on the criteria represented in the Ad Hoc group, it executes the query across the integration bridge yielding the most recent data from iMIS.

While syncing before publishing, Informz refreshes ALL Ad Hoc target groups with the current filter information. This ensures that the latest version of the query from iMIS is being used.

The Future of Ad Hocs

As software development proceeds, features come and go. As great as Ad Hocs have been over the years, ASI has developed newer querying tools like IQA, that embrace a newer approach. If you are using Ad Hocs, please contact your Advisor to help uncover other querying options.