iMIS Activities Target Groups

iMIS Activities Target Groups bring in subscribers that have participated in various activities tracked in iMIS. These activities might include things like Meetings, Certifications, or Committees. Additionally, for some activities, a specific date range may be specified.

Other criteria are brought in based on the type of activity. For example, for open Meetings, Informz pulls from the Order, Order_Meet, and Order_Lines tables in iMIS for open meetings.  For Certifications, Informz pulls from the Cert_Register table. Lastly, for all other Activities Target Groups, Informz pulls from the Activity table.

Note:  for closed meetings, you must use an Activities Search target group type.  Informz pulls from the Activity table for closed meetings.

Creating an iMIS Activities Target Group

Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Click the Folders dropdown list see the list of Target Types available.

Select iMIS Activities

Click Create.

Click the Activity Type dropdown and select your desired activity type (Gifts/Pledges, Awards, Dues, Orders, etc.).

Click Next.

For Target Type, set the various available options (such as the date range for a donation made or an amount).

When ready, click Update to continue. This will create the new target group.

Easier than Calculating the Activity Coefficient!

While mathematics is amazing, you won't need to be a numbers wizard to understand the power of iMIS Activity Target Groups. The only formula you need to remember is that Informz + iMIS = Success!