Image/Logo Properties Editor

The image/logo properties editor lets you manage your images and logos in your mailing templates.

Please note that there is no functional difference between images and logos. However, Informz uses this logical distinction to help you understand the purpose of each layout. As a general rule, think of logos as part of your template header and images as part of your template body.

The image/logo properties editor contains two tabs:

  • Content
  • Style

Let’s look at each of these tabs and what you can do within them!

Content Tab

The content tab contains an image upload tool. Simply click Choose Another Image to navigate to the image gallery.

You’ll be given the chance to upload a new image or to choose from an existing one within the gallery.

You can drag and drop an image from your computer into the editor or click to select an image to upload. When you click, Informz automatically opens an explorer window where you can select an image (note that you may need to navigate to the folder that contains the image within the explorer).

Double-click the image you wish to add.

The image now appears in the gallery.

Click the image to add it to your template.

Additional Content Tab Options

There are two additional image options available in the content tab. First, you can set an image as a hyperlink.

Click Edit Hyperlink to open the Hyperlink window.

Click the URL dropdown list to select the hyperlink type you would like to add.

  • Web Page
  • Web Version of this Mailing
  • Form Landing Page
  • Content-Only Landing Page
  • Unsubscribe Landing Page
  • Email Address
  • Document

The Alt Text field allows you to enter any alternative text for the image. This text appears if the image fails to load.


All MD2 images can include Captions. To add a caption, simply click the desired image and scroll to the bottom of the Content tab.

Check the Add Image Caption checkbox. The page expands and reveals two new fields:

  • Caption Text: Enter the image caption text.
  • Text Style: Choose the text style for your caption. You can choose:
    • Standard Text 1
    • Standard Text 2
    • Standard Text 3

Keep in mind that captions are always centered and hyphenated (if they are too long to fit within the layout). If you use an alternate mobile image, the caption does not change.

Style Tab

The style tab contains one control that lets you modify the image alignment. Click the alignment dropdown list to select one of the following options:

  • Left
  • Right
  • Center

The image/logo properties editor only lets you control the horizontal alignment. If you wish to modify the vertical alignment, you can do so by placing any corresponding image layout within a section.

Built-In for Convenience

Some layouts, such as headers, have built-in images. However, these layouts all use the same editor for images. This way, you'll know exactly what to expect when you edit them!